wink 1.4.4 released!

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Wink currently supports iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Bada and now Windows Phone 7. On top of that, extra efforts have been made to adapt Wink on Firefox mobile and Opera mobile.

HTML5, what else... ?

Wink is 100% based on standard web technologies: JavaScript, CSS and HTML. That's why it can run on so many different platforms. And not just in mobile web browsers, but you can also use it in your PhoneGap apps as well.

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  • Wink contains libraries to help you play with 3D CSS transforms and bring you cool 3D UI components.
  • Geolocation, orientation, motion... Wink will help you with the different device APIs.
  • Now you can enjoy themes in wink and libraries to help you deal with CSS3.
  • Wink core is still 20kb once minified. And with the "easy caching" you will be able to improve your webapp performances.
  • Start playing with your audio and video files with the new HTML5 players of wink.

Wink Toolkit is a lightweight JavaScript toolkit which will help you build great mobile web apps. It is designed and developed to meet the specific constraints of the mobile environment.

The toolkit's core offers all the basic functionalities a mobile developer would need from touch event handling to DOM manipulation objects or CSS transforms utilities. Additionally, it offers a wide range of UI components to help you improve the look and feel of a web app, or simply to experiment with new user interactions.

... for fun ...

... for free

Wink is an Open Source project of the Dojo Foundation, distributed under the modified BSD License.

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